1. Trampled By Turtles | 9.11.14

    House of Blues | Boston, MA

    (Source: Flickr / sarahblairwilson)

  2. Homegirl Alynda Lee keeping folk alive and kickin’

    House of Blues

    Boston, MA 9.11.14

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  3. I have 4 shows in 5 days this week and I don’t even know how the people who are actually performing do this.

  4. Justin Townes Earle


    Royale // Boston, MA

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  5. Mount Monroe Snaps

    New Hampshire

  6. Mt. Monroe

    New Hampshire


  7. I finally/actually booked a flight to Wyoming today (!) and I’m just so excited to head west again, if only for a week.

  9. Regarding Ascending Mount Monroe

    New Hampshire

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  10. Went hiking today and fell on my ass more times than I could count on the way down because of rain and wet steep rocks, and I’m sore and so tired and there’s no work tomorrow. So I bought myself a pizza and a bottle of chianti and I’m in bed with the entire bottle editing my photos, and everything is perfect.