2. I made chicken with chianti-blueberry reduction stuff.


  3. It’s officially Folk Fest week and, like every year, the closer it comes the more I’m getting stressed out about frantically running from stage to stage.

  4. I brought my bike up here from my parents’ house about a month ago, but have been finding excuses not to ride it. I think I was just nervous about riding in traffic and getting hit. But after a test ride yesterday I realized how bike-able Boston is, so I spent today aimlessly riding around.

    This weekend is exactly what I needed to remind me that I actually do like it here, and running away to be alone in the woods isn’t the only way I’ll be happy. Because I like drinking pitchers of sangria on a bar’s patio, I like that there’s always new restaurants to discover in my neighborhood, I like that this is a tourist destination but I get to just live here all the time. I like venturing across the river to Cambridge and feeling like I’m in a totally different city. I like that Boston’s skyline is modest. I like brownstones and the public garden and the North End. And also, I fucking love biking.

  5. Been doing a lot of Boston this weekend. I’ve missed the city a little. (at Copley Square)

  6. Crawford Path Scenes

    Mount Pierce

  7. I saw The Lone Bellow in a church in Portsmouth last night. Those harmonies in a place with acoustics like that could make me convert to any religion. It was awesome.

  8. Catskills

  9. Regarding Ascending Mount Eisenhower

  10. Regarding Ascending Mt. Pierce